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    InGreenTree Environmental Technology Co. Ltd(IGT)(stockcode832771)is professionally engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales and operation management for the industrial wastewater treatment system. The company’s core technology mainly includes the application of membrane, heavy metal wastewater treatment system and the remote monitoring and maintenance of the wastewater treatment process and system operation etc. Up to now, the company has obtained 16 patents (including 6 invention patents), which help the company establish good quality effect in product quality &performance, also become the core competitiveness of the company. IGT is also one of the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the company has built a graduate workstation, an academician workstation and a heavy metal wastewater treatment technology development center. Our TFS-ZLD system equipment( a high efficiency with low consumption and zero discharge treatment facility for nickel and manganese wastewater) has been identified as the new and high-tech product(or new technology) by the official missions of Jiangsu Province. IGT has become a system integrator to combine the wastewater treatment planning, design, installation and debugging with operation management in one system after many years’ accumulation in environmental protection industry. Our plant has a 100+ sets/ year batch production capacity of the industrial wastewater treatment system. At present, in order to solve the heavy metal wastewater pollution, our company has developed TFS system which can meet the emissions standards and the high reuse requirements from those enterprises engaged in circuit boards, electronic, electroplating, battery, non-ferrous smelting industry. TFS system is serviced to many well-known enterprises and its operation effect has been widely recognized by the environmental supervisory organizations and users. In order to get further technology strategic planning and promote the business to a wider and deeper development, to enhance the company's sustainable development capacity and comprehensive competitive strength, IGT established the Jiangsu InGreenTree Environmental Planning and Design Institute in Nanjing in September 2017. IGT is always the excellent practitioner of zero emissions of pollution. In order to realize the harmonious unity of safety and health, comfort and environmental protection, we keep developing many kinds of special technology and facilities with innovation and green idea to face the future. We have a high-tech team composed of many engineers who engaged in environmental protection, construction, chemical industry, machinery, electronics, energy fields and other health &safety experts. They are committed to this goal for a long time. Now we can provide a full range of environmental system solutions for water purification, air cleaning, resource recovery and so on. We’ll create a comfortable and beautiful environment for your health and safety.